Working with ImpressM for almost 15 years

  • Working with ImpressM for almost 15 years


    I am a physical therapist in private practice and am the owner of a boutique one-on-one Sports Medicine clinic. I have been working with Impressm for close to 15 years now and had originally built my website through them. I was intermittently updating my site through adding and subtracting pages, links and other small things to make my site more visually and functionally productive for web-traffic and for easy navigation and information gathering for my patients.

    Hector Vilches had recommended that I upgrade to a new format that would allow me to utilize updated technology and services that were not available on my current site. I was questioning if that was necessary since my practice was doing quite well and my present site was still doing the job. He gave me many reasons for updating and stated that my information would be much better received and utilized. In addition, he stated that social media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.,) would play an integral part in connecting my website and practice to the web community that my present site has no ability to do simply because of it’s “dinosaur” status. I was able to call and talk with him at any time and the open lines of communication throughout the process were fantastic and pleasantly unexpected.

    I took him at his word and allowed him to recommend various templates and designs that I had the ability to choose from. We collaborated every day for approximately two weeks and were able to design a customized website that exceeded every one of my requests and expectations.

    I cannot tell you what a difference this website has made to my practice. I am able to communicate and share information with my patients through social media so easily and efficiently as well as being able to generate much more traffic through the site simply by having a better layout and design. Clients have told me that they stay on the site longer, recommend it much more often to their friends and family and say that it’s the best looking medical website that they have ever seen – seriously.

    I am writing this letter to simply say that Impressm has the ability to design amazing websites that will blow your mind. I was blown away at the transformation that my website went through and what it looks like and how it functions now. Go to it and see for yourself: www.total-pt.com

    Thanks Hector and the rest of the Impressm team.


    Dimitry Polyakov PT, DPT, Cert. MD
    Owner & Clinical Manager



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