From the initial phone consultation with Hector Vilches of ImpressM, I quickly realized I discovered a special website development company. Hector went above and beyond, and one step more! During the early stages of my website project, he provided a clear and fair estimate of the time and finances. More importantly, during the website design process he listened to his customer, revising and reworking whatever was needed to be done. He was always approachable and available, working with my schedule to allocate the time needed to work through the details of the project. This responsiveness made for a superior website designer/client association. Not only did he do what was needed for the project, he went one step further explaining the trends of website design and incorporating suggestions improving the functionality and presentation of the website. Additionally, he always found positive solutions to issues that arose and Hector made the project fun. Hector and his team worked with me from the conceptual phase to implementation, always with a keen client focus. Special attention was paid throughout the project to important details. The final product was delivered and launched in the timeframe originally estimated and is of the upmost quality. Hector is a highly skilled professional, patient, and analytical. It was a pleasure to work with him and without reservation, I highly recommend Hector and his team at ImpressM!

Eileen Smith, LMFT


Hi Hector,

I just wanted to thank you for working with me on building our website, www.professionalptandtraining.com. My business, Professional Physical Therapy & Training, had a lack of identity crisis. I had contemplated the decision for a website build for years. I was put off by consulting with graphic designers who would farm out the technical aspects or vice versa and so the project never really got off the ground. When I found www.impressm.com, I was sold. I liked the functionality and intuitiveness of your website. Unlike others, your portfolio of projects was accessible, diverse and clean. I figured anyone who could sell me their service over a website would be the best one to build my website to sell my services. My first call with you reassured me that impressm was the right choice. You did not hard sell, over state your credentials or rush a decision. In fact, throughout the process you were always accessible and took as much time as needed to work out a concept with me. I appreciated your direction, but also your willingness to listen for what I (the customer) was really looking for. You delivered what I was hoping for, on time and within budget.

I no longer have to make excuses for why I do not have a website. My staff and I are proud of our new web identity. Thank you for doing a great job for us!! I have already and will continue to tell colleagues about Hector and www.impressm.com

Cheers to you Hector,
Matthew Riordan, PT, DPT, OCS
Professional Physical Therapy & Training


Jim, Hector,

Just a short note to let you know that today, Vicki and I enjoyed Alvaro's training. He took the time to introduce us to Mambo and showed us with all his patience & passion the components we need to know to get started.

We were impressed by the simplicity of Mambo (seeing is believing) and our custom designed database, which is handling our schedules.

We are confident that our ship will reach harbor pretty soon and in very good condition. We would like to thank you guys and Alvaro for the level of communication we had this week in particular and we're looking forward to the launch of our website.

Thanks again & Happy Thanksgiving,

Peter Paul Vester, Somerset Hills YMCA


Hi Jim,

It's very rare that anyone cares how there business is going. It's wonderful that you do. So since you asked, Alvaro was and still is a great person to work with. He is a tremendous asset for you. We also had the privilege to work a little with Hector who bailed me out a few times. Another wonderful individual. They are get it done right guys. It's a pleasure to work with them. Especially since I'm not Mister Technology. I look forward to a long term relationship with your company.

Lino Mendogni, Owner, Fancy Feet Dance Studio


"I was so impressed to see your new website! It looks awesome. You all do such a great job, everything you do seems to be better and better! So from on of your brides I wanted to tell you that the website looks amazing!"

A Meadow Wood Manor bride-to-be


Via eMail:


I approached ImpressM, LLC about two weeks ago in regards to a website I needed developed. When I called to speak with a sales representative I was put in contact with Mr. Hector Vilches and in our initial conversation I had explained to him the bad experience I had encountered with other developers in regards to my needs.

Hector was a true professional he understood that I was a tire guy and not a web developer. He explained things in a very simple manner (Barney Style) instead of trying to dazzle me with a lot of terms I would have no clue to unlike the other developers I had the misfortune of encountering.

I decided to try ImpressM out and I sent Hector a detailed plan of what I was looking for in a website and he sent me back a quote, and the cost was well below the others, and without a lot of feeder words. So, I accepted the quote.

Now this is where the man has shown what he is made of, because all of the delays with the other developers (jokers) has now put the whole project behind schedule so, I did what any man would have done in my position. I threw a challenge out to Hector. Well, I didn't hear from him for a few hours and then I received an email laying it out with time line he will meet and dates I needed to have information to him.

Through the entire process Hector has kept me informed, and has been instrumental in producing a quality website. When he sees something that doesn't look right he will contact me to discuss it. He has gone above and beyond his commitment and is a true professional. Although, some would say this isn't a compliment, I say this is the highest compliment I can give. "He should have been a Marine". His dedication, fortitude and professionalism is unmatched by any web designer in the industry as far as I'm concerned and I look forward to working with him again when my company is ready to take it to the next level.


Gary C Benton Jr.
AnywhereTires, Incorporated.


Impressm has developed a number of client sites with us, and is always a pleasure to work with. They provide thoughtful intuitive ideas, exceptional service and professional results. Impressm has delivered everything from simple websites to complete ecommerce superstores, to elaborate corporate brand style sites. Most of all, Hector and his team put the customer first, and do a wonderful job keeping everyone informed throughout projects. 

Gladstone Marketing Group
Bernardsville, NJ


Hi Hector,

Just wanted to let you know we are very pleased with the redesign of the Genesys Advisors website.

ImpressM interpreted what we tried to articulate and turned our vision into design. Your company made suggestions, provided guidance and delivered when you said you would. Please thank the team on a great job.

Looking forward to the training.

Regards, Kathleen

Kathleen Nitti
Genesys Advisors, LLC


"You guys did GREAT!! The website is impressive and it is extremely easy to update - exactly what we asked for. You listened to what we asked for and put it into action. We greatly appreciate your quick response. We would definitely recommend you to anyone looking to launch a new website. Thank you!"

Helen M. Wieczorek, Office Manager - Latico Leathers


"Everything is wonderful. The site is everything I wanted it to be and more! Alvaro was a HUGE help, he was there whenever I had a question or concern and went above and beyond to make sure the site was exactly what we wanted. Hector was great too! It was my pleasure to be working with your team!

Thank you, again!"

Lauren Alessio, Office Manager, SchoolCraft Studios


To the staff at ImpressM, I want to thank you for the great job you have done with my website. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I have no problem changing and updating my site its real easy.

Also I would like to thank your technical support for there patience working me trough the initial learning period and more. They have been great always to deal with.This system is the best ever. I have been in business for about 20 years and almost gave up on web designers and websites all together, then I talked to Hector at ImpressM and my business took the turn I have been looking for, for years.I can update change pictures, text basically anything when I want as often as I want, Its as easy as that.

Thanks Again

Robert Gierla, Metro K9 Academy


To Impressm Web-Design

I am a physical therapist in private practice and am the owner of a boutique one-on-one Sports Medicine clinic. I have been working with Impressm for close to 8 years now and had originally built my website through them. I was intermittently updating my site through adding and subtracting pages, links and other small things to make my site more visually and functionally productive for web-traffic and for easy navigation and information gathering for my patients.

Hector Vilches had recommended that I upgrade to a new format that would allow me to utilize updated technology and services that were not available on my current site. I was questioning if that was necessary since my practice was doing quite well and my present site was still doing the job. He gave me many reasons for updating and stated that my information would be much better received and utilized. In addition, he stated that social media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.,) would play an integral part in connecting my website and practice to the web community that my present site has no ability to do simply because of it's "dinosaur" status. I was able to call and talk with him at any time and the open lines of communication throughout the process were fantastic and pleasantly unexpected.

I took him at his word and allowed him to recommend various templates and designs that I had the ability to choose from. We collaborated every day for approximately two weeks and were able to design a customized website that exceeded every one of my requests and expectations.
I cannot tell you what a difference this website has made to my practice. I am able to communicate and share information with my patients through social media so easily and efficiently as well as being able to generate much more traffic through the site simply by having a better layout and design. Clients have told me that they stay on the site longer, recommend it much more often to their friends and family and say that it's the best looking medical website that they have ever seen – seriously.

I am writing this letter to simply say that Impressm has the ability to design amazing websites that will blow your mind. I was blown away at the transformation that my website went through and what it looks like and how it functions now. Go to it and see for yourself: www.total-pt.com

Thanks Hector and the rest of the Impressm team.

Dimitry Polyakov PT, DPT, Cert. MDT
Owner & Clinical Manager