I've seen web hosting cheaper than yours, what's the deal?

I have been shopping around for the lowest price on hosting, and you're not the lowest. Why are you higher?

Hosting is a very competitive business, and the old adage holds true, "you get what you pay for!"

Most of our clients are businesses, and demand superior support and service. They fully use the space and bandwidth allotted, unlike most other small and personal sites. Businesses send and receive much more email than personal accounts, and they demand trouble-free service. In addition, most of the sites we build are content managed with a system called Mambo. This requires that the hosting have and be configured to support Mambo, the software we use to build your website. We prefer to host the sites we build because it ensures a certain level of quality is maintained. Since we control every aspect of the hosting and know how to make it efficiently support Mambo, we have far fewer problems than if we didn't. By controlling the hosting we avoid looking bad because someone else's hosting is not up to par, and can give you the customer service you deserve.

Hosting is a business all its own, and many factors go into the monthly price tag. If you were to read the industry forums you would see daily discussions regarding the low cost hosting offers. It is accepted that to offer $8 hosting (sometimes less!), some corners must be cut in the quality of the service and the customer service provided. The fine print needs to be read very carefully! Many companies promise the sky to get you to sign-up, only to disappoint further down the road. They completely oversell their hardware, personnel, and bandwidth, by offering impossibly low prices and incredible packages, to grow their customer base while strategically weeding out those customers that begin to cost too much to host! They want tons of cheap, rarely visited websites, and dump the rest. Like everything else, the lower the cost, the lower the quality, in terms of customer service as well as service quality. For example, a web server can adequately host far fewer Mambo websites than regular flat sites, because they are much more resource intensive. Fewer sites per server and higher quality hosting means higher costs per month. If a site begins to use too many resources on a server, the hosting company reserves the right to "throttle" or hold back the site. In fact, some companies go so far as to terminate the account for some silly terms-of-service violation, if the website being hosted gets too busy or otherwise becomes too burdensome to host. Bottom line, if the site being hosted is for a business, we do not recommend "cheap" hosting.

That said, we also offer low-cost hosting, for hobby websites and for those just starting out. Our "Standard" Self-Serve hosting plan, is as low as $7.95/m when billed 2-years at a time. This plan does not support Mambo, is completely self-serve, and help is available only through email. Again, it's there for those with a hobby website, not serious business, and we do not promise what we cannot deliver.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.