Why are some usernames and passwords random characters?

I notice many of your logins are just a bunch of random letters and numbers. This makes it difficult to remember all of them. Why you just don't let me pick them? When you purchased services from impressM, you created a CustomerCare account with the login being your email account. The password was created randomly, and was sent to you via email. So long as you don't change any other passwords, the easiest way to manage all aspects of your account is through CustomerCare. Auto-Login buttons are there to make logging into your control panel or DIY SiteBuilder easy!

Plus, the usernames and passwords are chosen randomly for several reasons!

  • Each account must be unique, across various servers and systems.
  • Random usernames eliminate confusion during account creation by not creating the situation where another account has the same username.
  • There are many unscrupulous subjects out there who often use automated attacks, trying 1000's of common words and combinations of words for usernames and passwords, in an attempt to gain access. Randomizing your username/password helps keep your account more secure!
  • Too often people choose weak passwords, like petnames, birthdays, social security numbers, or even the same password for everything. These are too easy to guess, and using the same password for everything is poor practice.

The most important reason is to protect your information and our services, by doing all we can pro-actively, to minimize the chances of service or identity theft. Compromised systems can be used to send SPAM or conduct automated attacks on third parties. In this scenario, we all loose.

Thank you for helping us keep each other safe from prying eyes!