What are the steps required to setup the email gateway?

After you have contacted us to setup your account, please:

  • Send the IP address where the mail will be delivered to
  • Prepare to firewall traffic to this IP on Port 25 unless it comes from gateway.impressm.com, but don't do it yet
  • Send the domain we are to accept email for, to avoid any confusion
  • Configure your server to reject unknown email addresses with a 550 User Unknown error

We will contact you when the account has been configured and ask you to change the MX record of your domain to gateway.impressm.com. We will verify email is flowing through. After 24-48 hours, firewall your server's IP so that traffic to Port 25 is only accepted when it comes from gateway.impressm.com. Failure to firewall this port will result in some spam bypassing the gateway.

You may configure domain filter settings by logging in to: https://gateway.impressm.com/