I just got my Login Information / Welcome email and I'm lost!

After you purchase services from impressM, you'll receive an email with your Login Information to several services we offer.

If you've just joined us, chances are you've begun the process of a domain transfer or have purchased a domain. It will take anywhere from 48 to 72 hours for all worldwide DNS records to propagate, and reflect you domain name as pointing to our servers. Therefore, while many things in our welcome email refer to the domain you signed up, we recommended you use the accompanying "IP" number until you can verify your domain is actually answering to your new account on our servers.

Even though your domain may not be fully propagated, you can still login to the Plesk Control Panel to access and setup your web site, add email accounts or upload files with FTP.

Common Tasks

We have knowledge base entries for various common tasks you're likely to do:

  • Create Email Accounts
  • Configure Outlook / Outlook Express
  • Manage SPAM settings
  • FTP files to your site