I have a ton of logins! Why?

You receive a welcome/logins email from us when you purchase services, and it includes several logins/passwords for various systems and services. If you are not expecting them, it can be daunting! However, you do not need to remember them all, nor will you necessarily need more than one or two of them. We give all of them to you because we don't know what you may want do.

Here's the breakdown:

  • The Plesk Control Panel is used to manage the actual hosting details, like DNS, stats creation, email boxes, databases, etc. Access this from www.impressm.com: Click My Account > Manage Email Accounts.
  • The FTP login is used to upload (transfer files from your computer to the website) and also randomized. This will make sense, if you are creating your own site from scratch.
  • Every email account also has its own username:password used not only to access email, but to manage the SPAM settings: From www.impressm.com, click My Account > Manage SPAM Settings