How do I upload files (FTP) to my site?

To upload files, you will need an FTP client, like Filezilla, to access your domain's files. Remember that if your domain name is not officially pointing to our servers yet, use the IP address and the username and password provided in your welcome email.

How to connect using your FTP client (Filezilla):

Once you have downloaded and installed Filezilla, proceed to open the program. After Filezilla has opened, get familiar with the easy-to-use interface. The first step to establish an ftp connection is to create it. Let's see how to do it in Filezilla.

• First, open up the Site Manager.


• Then, click on "New Site". And start editing the necessary fields. It's really important to setup the Servertype field to "FTPES - FTP over explicit TLS/SSL". This is the more secure connection available.


• As LogonType select Ask for password, and fill the User name. Once done, click on Connect. (This action would automatically save the connection).


• When the "Enter password" window pops up, fill the "Password" field and click "OK".


• After Filezilla connects to the FTP, you would get a window like this ... your "Home" directory.


Where to upload your files:

Your html files, and or the files you want to make accessible to the World Wide Web must be uploaded to your account. When you first FTP into your account, you'll be taken to your "Home" directory. Don't confuse this with your "web directory." The home directory is "not" accessible to the World Wide Web; it's a private directory where critical system files reside. DO NOT delete files that have been created by the system, otherwise your web site may cease to function!

There are the two directories where files you want accessed from the web must be placed: httpdocs (http://) and httpsdocs (https://) The first is where files accessed normally, with http:// are placed and the second is where files accessed via a secure SSL connection (with https://) are placed. Please note that unless you purchase an SSL certificate for your domain this will use a generic certificate. Upload the files you want accessible to your visitors and feel free to make the appropriate sub-directories you'll require.

Example: Navigate to the "httpdocs/images/stories" directory to save your images and make them available to your website.