Are there rules for domain names?

You can register any name available, but are STRONGLY advised to avoid registering any domain name that conflicts with any company's trademark, as the legitimate trademark owner may have a claim on your domain.

  • Domains must be between 3 and 62 characters long, not including the dot and the TLD. For example: is 8 characters in length, because .com is not counted.
  • The domain name can only consist of letters and/or numbers and hyphens (-), but a hyphen (-) cannot begin or end your domain name.
  • Domain names are NOT case sensitive. or IMPRESSM.COM or are all the same domain.

No two domain names can be exactly the same. If you would like a specific domain and it is already registered, you will need to register some other variation that is available, use a different TLD, or contact the owner and offer to purchase it from them.