How do I create an email address? (

Email accounts are created in your Plesk Control Panel. Please refer to your welcome email for your username and password.

  • Go to and click My Account > Manage Email Account(s)
  • At the Plesk Control Panel login, use the username and password from your welcome email.
  • The domain names you control are listed toward the bottom of the page. Click the domain you want to add a mail name to.
  • Click on Mail, listed under services.
  • Click on Add New Mail Name.
  • Fill-in the mail name and password. If you are creating an email for someone else, they can change their password by logging in to
  • Make sure Mailbox IS checked
  • Click OK

The mailbox is now active and can be accessed through or a mail client, like MS Outlook. Please look at the appropriate knowledbase article for information on how to setup your email client.