How can I forward my email to someone else, maybe when I'm on vacation/away?

You're going on vacation and want all your email to be sent to someone else. You should not give them your password, and you wouldn't want to make them check two email accounts anyway. An email redirect forwards email for an existing email account to a different account. It is different from an alias because it can redirect mail to accounts outside your domain. Plus, you can add it to an existing account, and then remove it or disable it as needed.

How to Setup an eMail Redirect:

  • Login to your control panel
  • Click on the domain you want to add the redirect to
  • Click on Mail, under Services
  • Click on the mailbox@yourdomain you want to add the redirect to
  • Click on Redirect
  • Place a check-mark on Redirect
  • Enter the comple email address to redirect to, since it can be outside your domain.
  • Click OK