How Englert’s 3D Panel Animations Were Made

Often there is no better way to show a client how your product works than to create a video. Sometimes, this is not as simple as shooting video, as the actual detail of your product is lost ‘in-real-life’. In these cases using 3D modeling and animation is the best way to convey the detail which makes your products so unique.

Englert’s metal roofing panel systems utilize several mating and mounting methods, each suitable for a specific purpose. As part of the new website we built, we created ten animations showing how each of the different panel systems mated one to the next and with the underlayment.¬†As a company, we have been very proud of the work done on these animations, and I remember seeing the first one and feeling giddy at the amazing work the team had done! The work performed is best summarized by developer extraordinaire, Juan Cortez…

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