Web Development: It’s Your Website, Not Your Designer’s!

We can build you a high quality website that works for you and your customers, while still allowing you to control its content. Easily make changes or additions to your products or services, all using your browser, without even knowing what HTML is. Add news items, publish press releases, and provide contact information, without having to pay additional fees to your web designer! We can eliminate the designer bottleneck, and help you communicate with your customers more efficiently than before.

1903_keyIt is our philosophy to use the lessons learned by those early pioneers of web design, to create what are called ‘customer-centered' websites. These sites are consistent in navigation, mindful of bloated graphics and too much ‘flash,' and serve as informative tools to your clients. First, we determine your needs and the needs of your customers. Then, we build a site framework to meet those needs. Your content is added to this framework, and from that point forward, you control that content. The true success of any site is whether your customers use it, and gain knowledge from it. Of course, should you need assistance, we are always here to help!